Agricultural ponds and lakes

Vincent Earthmoving has the  experience, equipment, and technology to help you design, develop, and construct ponds and water features large and small.  Experienced operators, knowledgeable site analysis, and the ability to work with design and engineering firms helps you develop and maintain water features that meet your needs.

Our operators have years of experience building ponds in Northwest Illinois. Our technical expertise can evaluate your pond site and generate soil maps and topographical maps suitable for siteanalysis. Coupled with expertise from local Soil & Water conservation district technicians, we can discuss the feasibility of a pond on your site.

 A farm pond can be practical and also provide a lot of fun for the entire family. It can capture runoff water; provide water for livestock, household use, irrigation, and firefighting; and offer recreation fishing, swimming, picnicking, ice skating, and wildlife habitat.

If you would like to create a farm pond, the first step is to identify a suitable site. This means finding a site that has the right topography and an acceptable soil type that will provide sufficient water. The watershed is the area surrounding the pond that drains into it. The ideal watershed will provide enough silt-free water to keep the pond full at all times with water seldom running over the spillway. A rule of thumb is to aim for about 20 acres of watershed area for every one-acre of pond surface.

The soil for a farm pond must contain enough clay to provide a water tight dam and a basin through which a minimum of water will seep- usually at least 20 percent clay by weight.




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